Demonstration: Wireless Access Network Selection Enabled by Semantic Technologies

Carolina Fortuna1, Bogdan Ivan2, Zoltan Padrah2, Luka Bradesko1,3, Blaz Fortuna1, Mihael Mohorčič1

1Institut Jožef Stefan, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
2Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Constantin Daicoviciu nr 15, 400020 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
3Cyc Europe, Teslova Ulica 30, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.


Service oriented access in a multi-application, multi-access
network environment poses interesting research challenges. One
of these challenges refers to cross-layer interoperability among
technologies. In this poster, we introduce a knowledge base (KB)
which contains local (user terminal specific) knowledge that
enables pro-active network selection by translating technology
specific parameters to higher-level, more abstract parameters. We
implemented a prototype which makes use of semantic technology
(namely ResearchCyc) for creating the elements of the KB: the
ontology, the concepts, facts and rules. The system implements
technology-specific QoS parameters mapping according to the
IEEE 802.21 draft standard recommendation.

Vertical handover, semantic technologies, service oriented, network selection

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