Advanced access architecture for efficient service delivery in heterogeneous wireless networks

Carolina Fortuna, Mihael Mohorčič

Institut Jožef Stefan
Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija


For several years now the industry is promising to mobile users high QoS seamless wireless access. This promise has been kept to some extent, but the cost for services is still high. Open spectrum access is expected to lead to lower cost of bit/Hz, encourage the development of new wireless technologies and increase their market penetration. Under an open spectrum access scenario where connectivity can be achieved using several wireless technologies (cellular, WLAN, WMAN, satellite, etc.) seamless access represents the major challenge. In this paper we propose SmartA, a wireless access architecture that brings several advantages to the end user and to the network operator (NO) in the same time. The proposed wireless access architecture permits the user to benefit from the services which can be provided over a wireless infrastructure in a cost-effective way while hiding the technological complexity of the underlying system. The architecture uses cognitive network principles so that the NO can maximize its revenue using adequate policies and reduce network operation and maintenance costs.


heterogeneous wireless access; open spectrum access; cognitive networks; service; auction; context

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