Carolina Fortuna

My research focuses on solving (wireless) communication network related problems using state of the art techniques from machine learning and semantic web. In other words, I am looking at flexible network architectures for constraint devices in applications areas such as Web/Internet of Things and use Data Science to solve existing challenges.

Currently I am a postdoc at the IBCN research group at Ghent University, Belgium. Previously I’ve been working at the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia where I helped starting the Sensorlab group. Other experience includes working for Bloomberg LP and Siemens PSE. I have earned my PhD from the Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School in 2013 and my BSc/MSc from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. More about me can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


Google Scholar does a better job at keeping track of my papers than I do so please check here.

For very recent papers that are not yet indexed, please check UGent and SensorLab.


Some of my talks are available on Videolectures.net. The “Web of Things” tutorial series is available here.


ProtoStack is a tool for modular, semi-automatic composition of network stacks for constrained devices and represents the prototype implementation resulting from the research carried out for my PhD thesis. I conceptually developed the framework behind it as well as authored the complete implementation (C, Java, Javascript, HTML, RDF). The tool can be integrated with the Contiki OS and ran on any hardware platform supported by the OS. The aim is to support easy development and experimentation with new protocols for wireless networks. It is currently used in the LOG-a-TEC 2.0 experimental infrastructure.

QMiner is an open-source system for data analytics. I have contributed several modules to the tool, including collaborative filtering, hierarchical clustering, several operators and aggregates working on streaming time series (C++, Javascript).

Sensor Management System is an internal system used in SensorLab for managing and the VESNA based monitoring experimental infrastructures. I led the project and developed the conceptual design. The system is based on node.js and MongoDB.


–  “The Web of Things” tutorial was given at ISWC 2013.

–  “The Web of Things” tutorial was given at WWW 2012.

– “The Web of Things” tutorial was given at ESWC 2011.

– I gave, together with Marko Grobelnik, “The Web of Things” tutorial at WWW 2011.

– With my colleagues, we launched a mash-up based on our Smart Objects testbeds.

– The first UI to the VSN testbed is available.